Schallwelle - The Voting

The voting ends on 01/15/2019. Everybody can participate, but only once. The name and a valid e-mail address must be given. The following two categories are open for votes, where up to 3 artists and up to 3 albums may be voted for:

  • Best Artist
  • Best Album

Use the menu to view the category details, each having a list of selectable artists or albums, respectively. Using the "Select" button an entry will be put to the "Current selection". A selected entry may be removed anytime using the "Remove" link.

The button "Submit votes" at the bottom of the "Current Selection" takes one to the submission form. Here, the votes can be re-checked. Additionally, name and valid e-mail address of the voter have to be given. Via the button "Confirm and submit votes" the votes will be sent in.

Multiple votings of the same voter are considered invalid and will be ignored. In order to help doing this check, the IP address used by the browser will be stored in addition to the entered data.

For further information, please visit the website of Schallwelle-Preis.